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River Tyne Half Term Challenge

This half term, we’re going to see how far each staff member can walk/run/jog/swim or travel the distance of the River Tyne (73 miles).

Due to COVID, we’re unable to complete this together as a whole staff. However, we’re keeping spirits high by all venturing on in our own ways!   

  • Which staff member will find the funniest way to travel?  
  • Who will travel the furthest at half term?   

As a family, would you like to join in? You don’t have to walk literally next to the River Tyne but the equivalent distance. How will you travel? As a family, how far can you travel?

We’ve decided to ask our family, friends and community to support the Lights for Lily fundraising page. Perhaps, you might want to reach out to your family and friends as well?

We will update our website with pictures of us completing this task over half term and show you how far we’ve managed to go!   

Follow us on twitter and please tweet us in your pictures and adventures too.  If you would like to join us in fundraising for a special little girl. Please donate to…. Lights for Lily with the hashtag #AFSRivertynefundraiser so we can find out how much we’ve managed to raise!

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at Archibald First School


When someone makes your day and it is only 8.45am! What a lovely kind thought; I have enjoyed reading this during a sneaky coffee break and I am going to share it with Arthur, Alice and Mr Turner when I get home.

Thank you so much JJ – a true Archibald Star!

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Hooray! It’s Year 1’s U.K. Day!

What an exciting day the children in Year 1 have had. As you may know, we are trying to find Paddington Bear a new home here in the United Kingdom. To do this, we have been learning all about our local area. We have explored rural, urban and coastal areas, as well as the human and physical features that you may find in each.

Today, each of the grown ups surprised the children by representing each nation of the United Kingdom. We even had a visit from the Queen! The children listened carefully to each nation’s speech, and have started to really think about which one would be best for Paddington.

After that, we split into nations and completed a design task. In Scotland, we weaved our very own family tartan, and in England we made a new crown for Queen Elizabeth. Over in Northern Ireland, we created our very own sliding images and retold the legend of Finn McCool, and in Wales we created some welsh cakes!

After lunch, we had a socially distanced surprise from Mrs Marshall. She showed us her family tartan, a kilt, a ‘wee’ Scottie dog and the Scottish flag! She even taught us some Highland dancing after our online session with the Wiggles!

We hope you have had lots of fun learning about each of the four nations. What can you remember at home? Where should Paddington move to?

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Fantastic Start To Year 4!

What a fantastic start it has been! On behalf of the Year 4 Team, we would just like to say how lovely it has been to have you all back in school. You have impressed us with your positive attitude to learning, your resilience, and your super smiles! We are so excited to be starting the year with you and have lots of fun things planned too – you are in for a treat!

The work produced this week has been outstanding and we have found out just how talented you all are. From enthusiastic mathematicians to creative artists and knowledgeable scientists, you have truly amazed us all so we would just like to say a massive thank you and WELL DONE!

It has been really interesting reading your ‘all about me’ letters this week. We have found out so much about you and what you enjoy doing, and what you are looking forward to most in Year 4!

We have also made a brilliant start to our topic ‘Survival of the Fittest.’ We have been learning about the different bones and some very interesting vocabulary. As a challenge, we discussed why the skeleton is important and why animals need one. We also located the scientific names for some of the bones too.

It was also lovely to read your ‘back to school rainbows’ to find out what you have enjoyed the most. Being back with friends, meeting new teachers, school lunches, playtime, and returning to ‘normal’ all featured heavily.

It has been a fabulous start to Year 4 and we are certainly looking forward to the year ahead. We are confident that you will all continue to sparkle and shine as you transition through the year. We are very much looking forward to getting to know you and your lovely families.

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Year 2- We are so proud of you!

We would just like to take this opportunity to tell you all what an amazing first week you all had and how incredibly proud we are of each and everyone of you!
From being brave and coming in all by yourself, to blowing us away in the classroom with your enthusiasm, hard work and sensible attitudes, we have truly loved having you in Year 2.

Now that we have completed a full week, we thought we would share with you what we have been up to.

In literacy we began by writing all about our holidays. It was lovely to read about the lovely things you all got up to as families and the children talked fondly about their memories.
We used this lesson to remind ourselves that we must always remember our capital letters, full stops and to use our best handwriting.

We also had lots of fun writing about ourselves but also writing about our aspirations when we are older. We found the pictures of us looking wrinkly very funny! We had some Star Writers from each class. I wonder who will be our next Star Writer?

In numeracy we have been exploring place value. This is something we will be focussing on over the next few weeks. We have been ensuring we understand what each digit in a two-digit number represents (e.g. 7 in 72 doesn’t actually mean 7, it means 70!) and will use this knowledge to help us compare and order numbers in our next few lessons.

In our daily phonic lessons we have been recapping all our phase 3 and phase 5 sounds. We have then been practising reading them in both real and nonsense words in preparation for our upcoming phonics check in Autumn 2.
We have attached a past phonics check below of you would like to practise further at home.

Throughout the week we also explored the artist Matisse and after appraising some of his portraits, we began creating our own. After a few practises in our sketch books and a bit of peer evaluating, we began our own. We think they are all amazing!

Year 2 it has been a pleasure teaching you this week and we cannot wait to get to know you all more throughout the year.
We are so proud of you all!

Thank you grown ups for your continued support at home, it really does have a huge positive impact on your child’s progress. Please remember to check the school blogs and Twitter for updates and don’t forget to tweet us any achievements from home too!

Best wishes,
Miss. Pearson, Mr. Bourke and the whole Year 2 team 🙂

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A Wonderful Start to Year 3!

It has been a brilliant start to life in Year 3. Everyone in Class 7 and Class 8 have impressed all the adults so much this week! You have all worked incredibly hard every day and showed us just how talented you all are. All this effort in the classroom and seeing you have so much fun with your friends outside has put a real smile on all of our faces. Thank you!

After only one week we have discovered that we have many truly amazing artists who have created brilliant self portraits.

It has also been a real treat for the teachers to read all the letters that you have written telling us all about yourselves. We now know all about your siblings, pets and all the ways you like to have fun at home and in school!

We have also enjoyed numeracy, handwriting, phonics, reading and even listened to a famous musical composer!

All the adults in Year 3 couldn’t be prouder of you all and we think we are going to have a great time together this year!

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Starting Reception

The staff in Reception have been so proud of the children and how they have come in this week. They have greeted us with a smile and left their parents brilliantly. They have listen well to our rules, learnt quickly where everything belongs, made lots of new friends and been brilliant at lunchtime.

Thank you to all our parents for your support and the lovely messages on Tapestry.

Let’s have another great week next week. We have reminded the children to bring their smiles again!