Prospective Parents

Thank you for considering Archibald First School for your child.

We hope that the website will provide you with some information about our school, with regards to our vision, aims, organisation, policies and key values. The school prospectus can be downloaded as a PDF file via the School Information page, you also take a look at our Reception Class Video here.

For an even better insight into life at Archibald take a look at what our current parents and pupils have to say about our school via the Parents’ Feedback page or through the Key Stage links on the home page. The DfE Performance Table site also gives more information about Archibald.


New Starters for Reception and Nursery – September 2020



Visits for Reception children

Unfortunately, we are no longer available to make appointments for visits.

All visits took place from September throughout the Autumn term 2019 for Reception on Tuesdays and Thursdays, until the beginning of December. 

For Reception school places click here to find out how places were allocated in previous years. For information, this will also show that on the distance criteria for 2019 this was 0.511 of a mile.

Phone: 0191 285 1957


We look forward to meeting you and your child on your visit.


Reception Applications 2020

Applications for September 2020 will be available to the public from
01 September 2019.  Parents are encouraged to use ALL FOUR preferences, apply online and apply on time.

Closing date:  12:00 noon 15 January 2020.

Please note that applications must be submitted to the Local Authority and not to school. School places are offered directly from the Local Authority.



2020 – 2021 Nursery Arrangements

Archibald First School offer 15 hours of free nursery provision to children who are aged 3 on or before 31st August 2020.  The hours are offered as either Option 1 or Option 2.

Option 1:
Monday 8.45 – 3.15
Tuesday 8.45 – 3.15
Wednesday 8.45 – 11.30

Option 2:
Wednesday 12.30 – 3.15
Thursday 8.45 – 3.15
Friday 8.45 – 3.15

Option 3 – 30 hours per week:

Monday to Friday:  8.45am – 3.15pm


Option 1 or 2: In applying for and accepting a nursery place at Archibald First School you are entering an agreement to use your initial 15 free hours with Archibald for the entire academic year of 2019-20.  Any additional hours taken as part of the free entitlement should be taken with another provider.

Option 3: For those parents who are eligible for the 30 hour code:  In applying for and accepting a nursery place at Archibald First School for 30 hours, you are entering an agreement to use your initial 15 free hours and the additional 15 funded hours with Archibald for the entire academic year of 2020-21.  You also agree to confirm your 30 hour code by the deadline requested by Newcastle City Council or you may either lose your child’s additional 15 hour place or be charged the cost of the nursery place.

Nursery children are asked to bring in a healthy packed lunch from home or pay for a school meal for their 2 full-days (£1.90 per day). There may also be the option of the additional 15 hours if the setting is not full.


Nursery Deadline Dates for 2020

Nursery applications will be available online or from the School Office from 13 January 2020. Please note that your child’s birth certificate and proof of your home address (dated within the last 3 months) must be shown with the application form.

Closing date: Friday 20 March 2020

Offer letters out by post:   Friday 27 March 2020  

Deadline to accept:   Friday 24th April  2020          

These dates are confirmed by all schools in the Gosforth Schools Trust. The 2020-21 Nursery application form must be used and returned directly to the school.

Please note that no applications will be accepted before  13 January 2020 and that your child’s birth certificate and proof of address is required when submitting your application form.


Visits for Nursery children

If your child is 3 on or before 31 August 2020 and is due to start Nursery in September 2020 we would be delighted to welcome you into the Early Years Unit for a visit, show you around and answer any questions you may have.

These visits take place throughout the spring term 2020 for Nursery on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9.30 and 10.00am prior to the dates that the applications need to be submitted.  Please ring the school office to make an appointment for a visit.

Phone: 0191 285 1957


We look forward to meeting you and your child on your visit.

Nursery Application for Sept 2020 entry

Offer and acceptance of Nursery places

To be confirmed

Late applications
If you are applying for a nursery place after the deadline, your application will not be considered until after – To be confirmed


In Year Applications

Please see our Admissions page for further information. For ‘In Year Nursery admissions’ please contact the school office whilst the Local authority should be contacted regarding school in year transfers.


Admission Policy

AFS Admission Policy 2021-22

“There is a right for people to object about the policy to the Schools Adjudicator (OSA). See the Schools Adjudicator website for more information on how to do this. Objections for the admissions arrangements for 2021/2022 must be made by 15 May 2020”.

AFS Admission Policy 2020-21

AFS Admission Policy 2019-20

AFS Admission Policy 2018-19

AFS Admission Policy 2017-18


Additional Childcare Providers

There is a playgroup on-site from Monday to Thursday which is available from 9.00am – 11.30am and 12.30pm – 3.00pm for children aged 2-4 years – this is an independently run organisation.  Please contact Mrs Fry at The Playgroup@Archibald on 07460 295 063 for further information, or email

There is on-site out of hours childcare which is available before (8.00am – 8.45am) and after school (3.15pm – 6.00pm) – this is an independently run organisation.  Please contact Mrs Vent at Schools Out Childcare for more information on 07899 755 822 or visit their website

Captain Ted’s also collects children from the school and walks the children to their after school club.


Newcastle City Council Admission’s Procedures and Information

Further information about applying for a school place, admission criteria or transferring schools during an academic year can be found on the Local Authorities web-page ‘School Admissions’. Information can be found on the Local Authority website about previous cohorts and admission information here. For information about appeals click here.

Click here for links to the Family Information Service website.