School Vision

Having fun, achieving excellence!

At Archibald First School we are having fun achieving excellence by being;

Successful Learners Who…

Are equipped with good basic skills in literacy and numeracy
Are able to ask, enquire, process, reason and evaluate
Know about events that shape our world (past and present)
Are motivated learners who work to their potential
Able to evaluate performance and set own goals
Are able to think for themselves and can make good choices and decisions
Are independent life long learners
Want to learn and have a ‘thirst’ for knowledge

Confident Individuals Who…

Are able to think
Have self confidence and high self-esteem
Can contribute to their own well-being and the well-being of others
Take responsibility for their own actions and understand consequences of behaviours
Are willing to try new ideas

Responsible Citizens Who…

Know how to lead and adopt a healthy, safe lifestyle
Demonstrate empathy and respect
Show an understanding and tolerance of different groups in society
Know how to care for the environment
Are well prepared for life