Having fun, learning together 

At Archibald First School, we are:

Curious learners who… 

  • ask questions, enquire, process, reason and evaluate
  • generate ideas and look at things from different angles
  • make connections in our learning and connect our ideas in imaginative ways
  • are well-informed about the world around us

 Caring learners who… 

  • care about ourselves, others, and the world around us
  • are respectful, tolerant, aware, and empathetic
  • take ownership of our actions and behaviour at school and beyond
  • work together to share ideas, listen to others and consider other possibilities
  • celebrate differences and the diversity of our world
  • consider other people’s feelings and listen to each other’s opinions
  • care about the world’s management and sustainability

Creative Learners who…

  • are imaginative and innovative
  • develop creative thinking skills
  • are able to discuss critically, solve problems and make well-informed choices
  • investigate and experiment with new ideas

Courageous Learners who…

  • have self-confidence and high self-esteem
  • have a desire to try new things
  • are determined, adaptable and resilient
  • are able to use our voices to articulate our points of view and to challenge issues we perceive as unjust

Please also have a read of our Curriculum Intent.