Wellbeing and Family Support

Supporting the Children, Parents  and Families at Archibald First School

In every family there may be times when life can be, or feel like, harder work. This may be for the family as a whole or for an individual child or parent. At Archibald First School, we pride ourselves on supporting the our families during such times.

  • A family member may be unwell, there could be a family separation or there could be financial hardship causing pressure within a family.
  • A child could be struggling with friendships, with ill health or lacking in confidence.
  • Setting appropriate boundaries, following through with these and enforcing routines may be creating tension.
  • Support relating to toileting, diet, sleeping and feeding may be required.
  • Advice may be needed to ensure school attendance is acceptable.

If you, your family or your child would like some support, please come in and talk to us. We can make an appointment and/or we can also sign post you to other agencies for support if this is appropriate.

Diana West, our family support advisor, has a wealth of knowledge in supporting and working with families. She also delivers nurture and interventions within school.

If you would like to arrange to meet Mrs. West, then please contact her on 07879485993 or via  diana.west@archibaldfirstschool.co.uk. Mrs. West works a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning 8 am – 1 pm.

Further information can be found on the Families and School Together page.

Diana West