Skill of the Week

Check this page out each week for a new skill to master.

Idea: Record how you are getting on with the skills in a scrap book. Take pictures and include these. Ask your adults to write comments too.

You can also tweet us @archibaldfirst with #afsskills

Challenge 2 – I’m late, I’m late, I’m very very late… (30.3.2020)

Early Years
Can you say the days of the week and months of the year?
Can you order events in your day and use words such as before, after, now, later?

Year 1 – Year 4
Who can tell the time? The best way to learn is to keep looking at lots of different clocks and having a go.
Can you read analogue and digital clocks?

● Start with o’clock
● Then half past, quarter past and quarter to
● When you have mastered this, read the clock to every 5 minutes
● Finally, read the clock to every minute

Time to the Hour...I'm Late, I'm Late.  For A Very Important Date!

Challenge 1 – Cutlery (23.3.2020)
Early Years to Year 4
Hold your knife and fork in the correct hands. Use your cutlery properly to chop your food.
Pretend you are having dinner with the Queen – how would she expect you to eat and what would your table manners need to be like?