Staff List

Leadership Team

Mrs. R. Turner  – Headteacher

Mrs. K. Mullick – Joint Deputy Headteacher
Miss. R. White – Joint Deputy Headteacher

Mrs. S. Graham – TLR KS2
Mrs. K. Mullick – TLR KS1
Mrs. K. Nelson – TLR Early Years
Mrs. A. Ward – SENDco

Teaching Staff

Early Years

Mrs. C. Jones – Reception (maternity leave)
Mrs. N. McNally – Nursery
Mrs. K. Nelson – Reception
Mrs. L. Bramley – Reception
Mrs. A. Ward – Reception
Mrs. A. Watson – Nursery

Key Stage 1

Mrs. K. Howard – Yr 2
Mrs. K. Mullick – Yr 1
Mrs. R. Sinclair – Yr 1
Miss. R. White – Yr 2

Key Stage 2

Mrs. S. Graham – Yr 4
Mr. S. Morrow – Yr 3
Mr. R. Nettleship – Yr 4
Mrs. H. Nisbet – Yr 3

Additional Teaching Staff

Mrs. J. Marshall – Years 1 – 4
Señora. F. Dunlop – Language Teacher

Non-Teaching Staff

Mrs. K. Storey – HLTA Early Years
Mrs. P. Patrick  – HLTA  KS1
Miss. L. Watson – HLTA KS2

Mrs. J. Hewitt – Nursery Nurse Early Years (job share)
Mrs. S. Yule – Nursery Nurse Early Years (job share)

Miss. L. Gowland –  Teaching Assistant Early Years
Mr. A Holman -SEND Teaching Assistant Early Years

Mrs. J. Corrigan – Teaching Assistant Yr 1
Ms. K. Moffet – Teaching Assistant Yr 2
Mrs. S. Tadbeer  – SEND Teaching Assistant Yr 1

Mrs. J. Bell – SEND Teaching Assistant Yr 3
Mrs. L. Birkett – Teaching Assistent Yr 3&4
Mrs. L . Conway – SEND Teaching Assistant Yr 3

Mrs. K. Harrison – Teaching Assistant Yr 4
Mrs. S. Johnston – Teaching Assistant Yr 4
Mrs. L. Wallace – Teaching Assistant Yr 4

Mrs. D. West – Family Support Advisor

Mrs. R. Carr – Office Manager
Mrs. S. Shaw – Admin Assistant
Miss. H. Barnes – Admin Support

Mr. R. Bell – Site Manager

Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs. V. Fisher

Mid-Day Supervisory Assistants

Mrs. J. Anderson
Mrs. L. Handa
Ms. L. Mostyn
Miss. A. Routledge

No staff members have a gross salary of more than £100,000.