Ofsted 2015

Archibald First School was inspected on 31st March and 1st April 2015. Following the two day inspection, by three OFSTED inspectors, we have been judged to be:

OUTSTANDING in every single judgement

  • Overall Effectiveness: Outstanding 1
  • Leadership and Management: Outstanding 1
  • Behaviour and Safety: Outstanding 1
  • Quality of Teaching: Outstanding 1
  • Achievement of Pupils: Outstanding 1
  • Early Years Provision: Outstanding 1


The inspectors were so impressed with our whole school, our children and the standard of work they achieve on their journey from Early Years to Year 4 through their own dedication and also the wonderful teaching they receive.

Please take time to read the full report carefully as there are so many things to highlight.

Below are just some of the very positive comments they had to say about our school.

‘Pupils enjoy school and have extremely positive attitudes to learning because lessons are designed to hold their interest.’

‘The vibrant curriculum, combined with teachers’ very systematic teaching of basic skills, underpins pupils’ rapid learning in reading and writing.’

‘The school’s very strong partnerships with parents contribute to the school’s success. Parents feel very well informed and are very appreciative of all the school does for their children.’

‘The rich and exciting curriculum builds pupils’ basic skills exceptionally well. It is enriched by a wide range of visits, visitors and practical activities which bring learning to life.’

‘Children make rapid strides in developing their early literacy and numeracy skills because these are seamlessly woven into imaginative play.’

‘Pupils greet each other with smiles.’

‘The headteacher provides outstanding and inspirational leadership and is ably supported by the deputy headteacher. Together, they have created a school where there is a strong sense of teamwork that enables everyone to succeed.’

‘Teaching activities are of a high quality. Learning opportunities both indoors and out are irresistible.’

‘The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Their conduct is exemplary in classrooms, during break times, and when pupils move around the school.’

‘Senior leaders, staff and governors work with determination and skill to constantly improve the school.’

‘Relationships are excellent and pupils from different backgrounds get on extremely well together. Pupils respect one another and actively celebrate their differences.’

‘Governors are highly effective and use their wide range of expertise for the school’s benefit.’

‘The school builds pupils’ basic skills exceptionally well.’

‘The school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding.’

‘Pupils are extremely well cared for and pupils say they feel very safe at school.’

‘The school provides excellent information for parents about how they can help their children at home.’

To read the full report, please click here: Archibald First School – Ofsted Published Report April 2015

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