School Council

Welcome to our school council page! School Council is run by members of school staff who hold school council meetings every other Wednesday.

Our first school council meeting will take place in September 2018 once the new school councillors are elected by each class.


The role of the school council members

The school council members have a very important job within the running of our school life. They will attend meetings, ask children in their class for their views on different things and share thoughts and ideas within the school council. School council will generate fundraising ideas and propose their ideas to Mrs Bayes. They will also keep their class up to date with events that will be happening throughout the school year.

Our school council is made up of two class representatives a boy and a girl from each class starting from Class 5 up to Class 10. The school council reps are chosen by a class vote and through recommendation.


School Councillors for 2018-19 are:

Class 5: Jinan and Oliver 

Class 6: Sam and Emilia

Class 7Emma and Matthew

Class 8Libby and Myles

Class 9Tobyn and Esme

Class 10Tom and Amelia

Sports School Councillors: Edith and Oliver

School Council Manager:  Albie


Events to look forward to!

School council are very involved in raising money for our school and various charities that Archibald First School supports. Look out for:

  • Harvest Festival
  • Children in Need
  • Odd Sock Day for Antibullying Week
  • Wear a Christmas jumper/outfit to school (Christmas dinner day)
  • Daft Day



Minute Meeting 24.9.18

Minutes Meeting 1.10.18


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