Year 1’s Home Learning Fun – Week 4


Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you are keeping well and enjoying spending time with your families. Are you ready for another week of exploring and learning? We have lots of ideas and suggestions for you. Please take what you need.

Can you try to read for twenty minutes each day? You could use the online sites we shared last week, or books you have at home.

When you finish reading the story…

Enjoy a story with Year 1

Marvellous Monday
22nd June 2020

Funky Phonics
Recap last week’s sounds.
Practise these sounds: wh, ph, ew, oe, au, ey
Tricky words: said, so, have, like
Task: Play Buried Treasure on Phonics Play using the graphemes above.
Which is a dolphin better at, jumping or swimming?
A balloon blew up in the air and flew away.
My nephew said the alphabet.
Can a rocket launch in August?
Can a jockey win on a donkey?

Lovely Literacy
SPAG – using ‘and’ to join two phrases or sentences.

Follow through this short PowerPoint and complete either the tasks on it or the worksheet attached. The choice is yours! Hopefully, we will see the word ‘and’ in your writing this week, but try to find a balance between ‘and’ and full stops.

Magical Maths
White Rose continue to offer weekly lessons via video link. Please find the worksheet attached.
Lesson 1: Count in 2s

The Cautious Caterpillar – share this story and discuss how you feel about changes. What has changed for you recently? How do you feel about it?

Super STEM
Lifecycle of a Butterfly

Recap how we might know if something is dead or alive. What do living things need? Water, air, food, sunlight, etc.

Recap The Cautious Caterpillar from PSHE. What did Cody mean when she said she wanted to stay a caterpillar forever? Was she a caterpillar forever? What is a chrysalis?

Talk about how Cody changed throughout the story. Do you know a special word for when something changes over time? Open up a discussion about lifecycles. Think about our own lifecycle. Have you always looked the same? Will you continue to look the same? How will you continue your own lifecycle?

Use the PPT to explore the lifecycle of a butterfly.
Focus on the key stages – egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly.

Activity: Children to draw each stage into their books.
Challenge: Write an informative paragraph explaining the cycle. Can you use time connectives?
Alternative: Order statements to show understanding of the process.

Terrific Topic
This week, we will share Katie and the Sunflowers. What do you think this story will be about?

Katie and the Sunflowers

Did you spot any artists in this story? Have you heard of them before? There is one artist we learned about back in September. I wonder if you spotted his still life painting…

Let’s Get Physical!
We hope you all enjoyed the Virtual Games last week!

Have you signed up to TopYa! Active yet? Join the app and start collecting points for Archibald. Our unique code was sent via email/letter.

This week we have five more joins for you to practise. We teach these joins in two or three letter clusters and look for them in your writing. We do not expect whole words to be joined immediately, though the sheets do let you practise this!

Terrific Tuesday
23rd June 2020

Funky Phonics
Recap last week’s sounds.
Practise these sounds: wh, ph, ew, oe, au, ey
Tricky words: said, so, have, like
Task: Play Tricky Word Trucks on Phonics Play
Apply: Tricky Word Tuesday Word Search

Lovely Literacy
This week, we would like to look at the genre of letters. Have you ever written a letter? Who did you write it to? What did it look like?

Explore the features of a letter – please look at the PowerPoint PDF together.

Today’s task:
Can you cut and stick this jumbled up letter in the correct order?

Magical Maths

Lesson 2 – Count in 5s

Super STEM
Challenge: Research and create your own lifecycle. What will you choose? A frog? A fish? A duck? The choice is yours!

Terrific Topic – Art
After our Katie story, we would love you to learn all about Vincent Van Gogh and complete your Art Appreciation sheet, which is attached below (pages 1-2, complete page 2 via discussion – no need to write).

Why not visit the Van Gogh Museum here!


Wonderful Wednesday
24th June 2020

Funky Phonics
Split Digraphs – these chatty digraphs have been split up! Remember, these sounds say the first vowels’ name.
Top tip, if a ‘c’ or a ‘g’ splits up the chatty letters, they make the sounds of ‘s’ and ‘j’.

Recap earlier sounds.
Practise these sounds: a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u_e
Tricky words: some, come, were, there
Task: Play Picnic on Pluto on Phonics Play using the graphemes above.
Will you invite me inside?
Can a stone explode?
It will amaze me if you can escape from this maze.
Can you put a huge cube in a tube?

You might like to play Spin the Wheel with Mr Mc on YouTube. His accent sounds just like Miss White’s!

Lovely Literacy

Recap the features of a letter – please look at the PowerPoint together.

Can you begin to write a letter to the Green Team about adding our Bug Hotel to the school garden? Who are you writing to? Remember, Mrs Ward and Mr Morrow are in charge of Green Team.

Today’s task:
Write address, date and greeting.
You might like to check the PowerPoint to know when to skip a line.

Magical Maths

Lesson 3 – Count in 10s

Terrific Topic – Art
We would like you to create your own version of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. You will be able to use your pencil to build up lots of texture when sketching.

Practise creating texture using this video: Tips and Tricks – Texture
Listen carefully for important techniques like ‘stippling.’

You might like to sketch your own version by observing Van Gogh’s painting, or you may like to follow a tutorial. You can watch a Sunflowers tutorial here: Watch here

We would like to continue thinking about having No Outsiders at Archibald. We love to celebrate our differences and know that this is what makes us special. Share this story of Chrysanthemum – a girl who loves her beautifully long name, until some people at school aren’t very kind about it! Please discuss what makes you special; your name, your talents, your laugh… the list is endless!

You are amazing. You are enough.


Thinking Thursday
25th June 2020

Lovely Literacy

Recap features (see Wednesday’s PowerPoint) and continue with your letter for Mr Morrow or Mrs Ward. We will have to persuade them by thinking carefully about the positive reasons.

Explain why you are writing and add two short paragraphs of more information. Really try to convince them on why this addition is a good idea. Lots of you have a Bug Hotel in your garden at home, so you could really prove why it’s been useful. Where should we put it? Why? I’d love to see your ideas backed up with my favourite word… because! You might like to check the PowerPoint to know when to skip a line.

Magical Maths

Lesson 4 – Make Equal Groups

Terrific Topic – Art

I’m sure your Sunflower sketches look brilliant everyone! Today, we would like to you start adding some colour. As you know Van Gogh used paint to create his version; perhaps you will do the same.

You might like to complete the background and table first, before concentrating on each flower. Do you notice that all the shades of yellow vary? I’d love to see you creating tints and tones just like Van Gogh. Can you think carefully about where the darker shades would be? Think about highlights and shadows.

Voila! One beautiful recreation of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Well done everyone!


Fabulous FriYAY
26th June 2020

Lovely Literacy

Continue with your letter writing. You might like to check the PowerPoint (see Wednesday) to know when to skip a line.

Finally, conclude your writing with a final comment or a question and sign it off!

Some examples might be:
Do you agree with my suggestions?
I look forward to hearing your reply.
I would like to hear your opinion.

Magical Maths

Family Challenge Friday:

Super STEM
Pasta Challenge! Can you recap your learning this week and create Butterfly PASTA Lifecycle? If you don’t choose to use pasta, or if you don’t have the shapes in the picture, you can get creative in anyway you like! You don’t have to go out and buy them all!

You may choose to use:
a paper plate
paper (for labels, leaves and twigs)
colouring pens or pencils
pasta (or anything else you can be creative with!)

Let’s Get Physical
ECB Cricket Challenges:


Today, please continue to think about how diverse and special we all are. Enjoy this story, which is written by Rochelle Humes and read by the Kemi at Milkshake. It is called The Mega Magic Hair Swap. Can you discuss the meaning behind this story? Why don’t you grab a piece of paper or print off the attached sheet, and draw/cut and stick images of what makes you special?


Magnificent Makaton

Last week’s Sign of the Week was ‘people’ – can you research/remember how to sign it?

Here is a lovely signed story from Cian, aged 9. Can you pick out the signs for owl, tortoise and hedgehog?

Just Because!
Year 1 Writing Focus Ideas

For those up to date with WRM, please see attachments.


You are all making us so proud each and every day, Year 1. It has been great talking to you on the phone and hearing about what you’ve been up to and what you’ve been enjoying. Thank you all (grown ups too!) for always doing your best – it’s all we ever ask! Keep it up, super stars; you are all amazing!

Love Miss White, Mr Bourke, Mrs Conway, Mr Holman and Mrs Corrigan.