Twitter here we come…


Exciting news for Archibald First – We now have our own Twitter account! Twitter is free to school and we think is potentially a powerful way to give you information and reminders as well as to promote the school, its work in the local and wider community and to provide information about events in the community. Tweets will be made about events in school and may have links which will take you to the school website. You can find us at @ArchibaldFirst.

We will continue to use all of our current methods of communication to keep in touch with you so don’t worry if you don’t choose to use Twitter, you won’t miss anything important, such as dates and urgent reminders via texts. The website and the blog will be the main source of information about events in school with all the images of the children. However, if you do follow us you will receive extra reminders and some bonus snippets of information which we think you will enjoy (please bear with us as we get into the swing of using it!).

If you do choose to follow us through your own Twitter account we will be delighted but we won’t follow you in return, this is because it would make our own time line very busy with information which we don’t need. We will not be entering into any dialogue with parents using Twitter so please feel welcome to ‘retweet’ or ‘favourite’ our tweets but do not make comments or ask questions. If you need to contact us with a question or query then please use the good old fashioned method of calling in or ringing us.

As Twitter is a Social Networking site we will be following the usual Esafety etiquette and we ask you to do the same. As part of the Acceptable Use Policy all families at school have signed the following statement.

‘As a family of Archibald First School, I acknowledge that Archibald First School has an open door policy and welcomes speaking to parents and carers. I understand that I/we should not use social media in any way that may bring the school nor its’ staff into disrepute.’


Thank you and do let us and others know if you use and enjoy our tweets!