TTRockstar Champions!


Hope you’ve all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend. I couldn’t believe the new names on the leaderboard! You’ve obviously all been going on and trying to improve your times and recall of times tables – well done! Winners from this week were Class 9, Class 6 and Class7!


Some new names here on the leaderboard for each class! Is your rock name below?

Class 5 – Billy Boombox

Class 6 – Vaden Iris

Class 7 – Lydia Edwards

Class 8 – Tolga Kasher

Class 9 – Hank Etheridge

Class 10 – Jason Thiessen

A huge congratulations to these children who were top of their class and everyone else who is going onto TTRockstar. Your teachers are all so proud of you and we look forward to seeing what happens in our next battle. The next battle is whole school GIRLS VS BOYS – starts on Monday 11th May! Watch this space…