Daft day 2017


On Thursday 25th of May 2017 we had a daft as a brush day. We had to dress up daft, for example, some people came with: coloured hair, inside out cloths and silly props!!!We also, brought in some donations for the charity, Daft As A Brush.Some daft as a brush staff came to school with a van, the school council got to see inside the van, they thought it was cool and fun. The van had one way glass, where you could see outside but not in so the patients had some privacy. The daft as a brush people came inside the school while we had a big assembly where children pied teachers in the FACE!!!!!(I don’t think the teachers liked it much though!!)  £427-76 from sponsors!!!!Some teachers had 2 pies like Mrs Watson.

Jack W (a member of school council)says, “I really liked going in the van, and meeting the daft as a brush staff loved pieing Mrs Watson!!!!”

Amy H (another member of school council) says, “I liked dressing up daft, I enjoyed watching the teachers getting pied !!!”


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