Class 3 visit to Pizza Express


On Tuesday, Class 3 went to Pizza Express because we have been learning about food.

First we had to get ready to cook. We washed our hands, put an apron on and a hat.

We got our dough and we had to squash it with our hands. We put flour on to stop it from sticking. We had to squash it into a circle and then put it into a pizza pan.



img_2570 rolling the dough

flipping the doughdough in the pans

Then we put tomato sauce on, but we had to be really careful not to get any on the pan.

tomato saucetomato sauce

Next we put the cheese on. The cheese was called mozzarella.


Then the pizzas were ready for the oven.

While they were cooking we got to try and learn about different toppings.


Here is quiz for you…

Can you name all 8 ingredients used to make pizza dough?

Scroll down for the answer!!!












1. flour

2. olive oil

3. water

4. yeast

5. raising agent

6. salt

7. sugar

8. some love!


How many did you get right?

“It was excellent” – Niamh

“It was exciting” – Alice

“It was brilliant” – Nabil

“The best bit was making the pizzas” – Ashton

“It was interesting” -Jacob

“It was the best thing ever” – Anna

Most of us thought the best bit was eating it for our tea!