Bugsy Malone


Year 4 treated the school, parents and teachers to a production of Bugsy Malone on Monday 11th of July. They had a afternoon performance at 1.45 and a evening performance at 6pm.


We all had a lot of fun and we agreed the evening had been spectacular!

IMG_1836               Bugsy and Blousey having dinner.

IMG_1835             Bad guys and Fat Sam.

IMG_1897     Boxers

IMG_1902     Down and Outs

“At the evening performance the atmosphere was amazing” – Cerys

” Bugsy was a fun play to put together ” – Adam

” It was a great experience, i loved being fat sam ” – Maliah

” In Bugsy I liked all the parts that went wrong because it made the audience laugh ” – Daisy

“Bugsy was an awesome production and I really liked being blousey”- Charlotte

“I enjoyed going crazy at the end and getting a mustache”- Elmo

“I couldn’t be more proud of the Year 4 children; they were amazing!”  Mrs Graham

Blogged by Charlotte & Cerys

“wow the performance was amazing”- Mrs Watson

“I could not be prouder of the Y4 children;They were simply amazing.”-Mrs graham