Archibald Army Update


So we did it! This morning the Archibald Army met to take part in Pretty Muddy, a 5k obstacle course with LOTS OF MUD to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

We started off clean and keen before we crawled, hurdled, slid, climbed, ran, and even bounced our way around the course. Not only were there huge pools of mud but the race officials were armed with GIANT SUPERSOAKERS!

Wet and muddy but in high spirits we raced to the end and approached the final challenge – a tall bouncy slide with a mud pit as a landing.

A huge thank you to all those who have sponsored us to date. The webpage reads £415 so far with staff still collecting personally at home as well as a tub full of donations from our families on the yard. Rough estimation is in the region of at least £500.  is the link if you would like to add to this fantastic total.

A fab morning for a great charity with a brilliant team!

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