A Wonderful Start to Year 3!


It has been a brilliant start to life in Year 3. Everyone in Class 7 and Class 8 have impressed all the adults so much this week! You have all worked incredibly hard every day and showed us just how talented you all are. All this effort in the classroom and seeing you have so much fun with your friends outside has put a real smile on all of our faces. Thank you!

After only one week we have discovered that we have many truly amazing artists who have created brilliant self portraits.

It has also been a real treat for the teachers to read all the letters that you have written telling us all about yourselves. We now know all about your siblings, pets and all the ways you like to have fun at home and in school!

We have also enjoyed numeracy, handwriting, phonics, reading and even listened to a famous musical composer!

All the adults in Year 3 couldn’t be prouder of you all and we think we are going to have a great time together this year!