Key Stage 2 Suggested Timetable

Reading: 20 minutes per day
Literacy Tasks: 30 minutes per day
Numeracy Tasks: 30 minutes per day
Times table Practise: 3 sessions per week on Times Tables Rockstars OR maths frame: Year 3 x2, x5, x3, x4, x8, x10 and Year 4 all up to 12×12!
Topic and/or Science:-   2 sessions of 30 minutes per week
PE: Some form of exercise at least 3 times per week
Computing: 2 sessions of 20 minutes per week 
Creative (art, baking, music etc): 30 minutes per week

Remember catching up with friends and family by writing to them or over Zoom, What’s App or other forms of social media: Choose what works for you.

Please upload work for the teachers to see on our Facebook page, Twitter page or send to