Hello Videos

Your new teachers would like to say hello! Each class teacher has recorded a little video to welcome you to your new class. Please find your current class for the video from your new teacher. E.g Mrs Jones’ current class need to click on Class 2-Miss White as you are moving to Class 3.

Early Years messages

The Early Years staff will share their welcomes on Tapestry on Friday 10th July. Please check your email to either activate your account and view the videos or to view the video on your child’s Archibald Tapestry account.

Class 1- Miss Turner welcomes you to Class 4

Class 2 -Miss White welcomes you to Class 3

Class 3- Miss Pearson welcomes you to Class 5

Class 4- Mr Bourke and Mrs McGurk welcome you to Class 6

Class 5-Mr Morrow welcomes you to Class 7

Class 6-Mrs Nisbet welcomes you to Class 8

Class 7-Mrs Graham welcomes you to Class 10

Class 8-Mr Nettleship welcomes you to Class 9

Mrs Marshall would like to say hello to our new Year 3 and Year 4

We all can’t wait to start a new school year in September.