Our Children’s Views

Don’t take our word for how fantastic our Early Years Unit is, just look at what the children have to say…


July 2018:

We asked the children what they liked the most about Nursery. Have a look at their thoughts…
Xanthe said ‘The home corner and playing with the bricks. I liked going to the library, making birds and looking at books.’
Jack loved the nursery visit with his mummy. He also liked painting, playing with mega blocks, learning about different people’s jobs AND celebrating Mrs Ward’s birthday at Whitehouse Farm.
Afya loved Whitehouse farm with the cows and sheep. She also enjoyed playing with her friends.
William said ‘The sign when learning Makaton. I liked colouring, playing, the book corner and going to Gibside.’
Flora liked the construction, home corner and using the computers. She also liked the library visit and the books.
Emily really enjoyed being outside on the bikes and being at Gibside when she found stories in the woods.

Some of our Reception children shared their ideas about EYFS too…


Rosa  has enjoyed learning about pirates and dressing up.

Alexander loved going on visits especially to Whitehouse Farm and seeing the REAL Santa!

Evelyn enjoyed learning phonics especially when it is outdoors in Green and Orange zone.

July 2017:

Ava loved Red Nose Day as she felt that everyone look funny!. She also thoroughly enjoyed making and eating the gingerbread man (where was mine????). However, Ava’s most favourite part of Early Years has been making lots of new friends! We totally agree Ava.

Oakley’s best bit was the first day of starting school as he was super excited to make some new friends. He is really proud that he has learnt to write good stories and has enjoyed learning all the different sounds to help with his reading and writing.

Katie’s told us that her favourite memory (when she stopped laughing about it)  was seeing Mrs Jones dressed up as Little Red Riding hood. Yes, the staff take part in all the dressing up days too!

Zac also enjoyed watching the staff getting hit in the face with the cream pies on Daft Day – thanks, Zac.  In the Early Years Unit, he has enjoyed his maths work and spending time in green zone.

Kayode has simply loved EVERYTHING!


July 2016: When asked about the best things about EYFS…

Charlie K exclaimed ‘I’ve learnt lots of new things!’

Patrick enjoys number time whilst Katy thinks the teachers are just the best!


June 2015: This year’s children said…

‘I love drawing and being ‘Green’!’ Maisie was talking about our behaviour reward system of ‘It’s good to be green!’

Oliver enjoys ‘playing on the computer and going to the computing room.’

‘I like practising my handwriting,’ shouted Isabella.

Meanwhile Henry thoroughly enjoys ‘playing lots of games outside.’

Issac reported that the best part of EYFS was ‘making models and playing outside in green zone.’