At Archibald First School, we deliver phonics through the Letters and Sounds phonic framework: To do this, we use the Phonics Play programme which clearly supports this framework. 

The acquisition of sounds starts as soon as children join school, with our youngest children in Nursery working through Phase 1 of Letters and Sounds. Daily phonics is taught in Reception and Year 1 with sessions being tailored to the children’s needs. Our aim is for all children to have completed phase 5 phonics and passed the Phonics Screen in Year 1.   

In Year 2, it is expected that the majority of children will move onto spelling strategies and conventions (this is linked to phase 6 phonics). Any children who have not achieved the expected standard in phonics are supported in small bespoke intervention groups

Within Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4) the children have Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar sessions in addition to their daily literacy work. These are always adapted to the needs of the children. Individuals who need support with phonics receive this via intervention groups.

To support learners, we use the Lexia and IDL programmes within Key Stage 1 and 2 respectively.

The school teaches phonics (the knowledge and understanding of sounds) as one of the strategies to support the children with their reading and spelling. We encourage children to sound out (segment) the word they are attempting to read or spell, and to use their knowledge of sounds to blend the sounds back together.