Literacy, Numeracy and Topic

Literacy and Numeracy

Each class has daily literacy and numeracy sessions. The teachers ensure that the lessons are stimulating and fun, and use real-life situations to engage the children. Much of the literacy work links with the half term’s topic which makes it even more purposeful!

Topic Work

Each year group has a new topic for each half term. The teachers ensure that they deliver the objectives from the National Curriculum in ways which engage the children and make links wherever possible.

They also find out what the children want to know and ensure that they work together to find the answers to their questions. We never know what the children are going to ask and that is what makes it even more interesting!

Each class has a ‘PLOD’s board’ (Possible Lines of Discovery) which changes as the term progresses. It shows the children’s ideas and questions as the topic progresses.

Please see our Key Policies page for our Creative Curriculum policy.