Curriculum Intent

At Archibald, our team of enthusiastic, experienced, and dedicated staff work collaboratively to ensure that we provide the best possible education we can offer. Together we strive to make learning fun for everyone, deliver an enriched curriculum, and support each child’s journey socially, emotionally, and academically. 

It is our school vision that all our children leave Archibald as successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens, ready for the next phase of their lives and to explore their world further.  

The following drivers from our school vision are embedded within our broad and balanced curriculum. 


We want all of our children to be confident individuals, as well as active members of our school community and society. We aspire for all of our children to be confident and healthy in both mind and body; to be independent in thought and have positive self-esteem. 

As part of developing their confidence, our children will be supported to acquire and apply the characteristics of determination and perseverance together with resilience and adaptability.  In particular, we recognise that being a confident skilled communicator is an essential skill for life. In all aspects of the curriculum, we teach the children to use their voice to communicate effectively and articulately, with respect and consideration to all. We develop children’s skills of speaking and listening as well as communicating through writing in all areas of our curriculum.  


We have high aspirations and expectations of every child. We nurture and challenge each individual to be the very best they can be; to recognise their own successes and acknowledge to their accomplishments, thus experiencing a sense of pride and self-belief.  

With a diverse school community, we also endeavour to develop and broaden, our children’s horizons, knowledge, and experiences in preparation for adulthood.

Through our carefully planned, enriched curriculum our children will strive to achieve both academically and socially fulling becoming successful learners each in their own right. 


Our children are taught to be ready and responsible. They are encouraged to take ownership of their conduct, learning, relationships, attitude and approach to life at school  and beyond. This extends to their responsibility for the immediate environment and that of our world. 

Our pastoral and academic curricula support the children to be able to think for themselves, to make responsible choices and to reflect on the impact of their own and others’ actions. 

It is these characteristics that we model to our children to demonstrate the essence of being responsible citizens. 


We continually impart knowledge to each child but also seek to develop their thirst for knowledge and understanding; a want to be informed. Academically, our curriculum has been designed to be progressive in nature, building on previous learning and supporting the children to make links, therefore successfully developing their education. As part of this, our curriculum encompasses key skills such as reading, listening, and researching, and the importance of having the confidence to question, clarify, reason and debate.  

Our curriculum is designed to ensure that children are not merely covering content whilst acquiring new facts and knowledge but achieving a depth to their learning which enables them to use their skills and understanding in a cross-curricular way. Our curriculum is enquiry-based in order to make learning as interesting and meaningful as possible for the children.

Being informed is also not limited to academic knowledge but encompasses the awareness of the people and the world around them both near and far. It is within this that we will develop our responsible citizens who are respectful, tolerant, aware, empathetic, understanding, and appreciative  

Our school vision and curriculum intent are further echoed in our collective school rules; 

  • We are ready 
  • We are responsible 
  • We are respectful 
  • We are safe