Challenge of the Day

Check this page out every day for a new challenge to undertake. These will be linked to different areas of the curriculum.

Idea: Record the challenge in a scrapbook. Take pictures and include these. Ask your adults to write comments too.

You can also tweet us @archibaldfirst with #afschallenge or email

Sunflower Competition

Who can grow the tallest sunflower by the 1st June?

Challenge 17 – Random Acts of Kindness (6.4.2020)

Acts of kindness 

EYFS: Host a teddy bears picnic and invite Mummy or Daddy to come along for a nice cup of tea and piece of cake.Draw a picture for your grown up. Can you use lovely bright colours to colour it in?

KS1: Tidy up your room without being asked

KS2: Draw a picture of your grown up telling them 5 reasons why you love them.  Can you do the same for a family member who lives away and ask a grown up to post it to them?

Challenges 15 and 16 – Easter (4.4.2020 and 5.4.2020)

Challenge 14 – Experiments (3.4.2020)

Challenge 13 – Maths Challenge (2.4.2020)

EYFS: Treasure Hunt!

Go on a treasure hunt around your garden or home. Fill an egg box or ice cube tray with interesting items that you find (they will need to be small). 
Now play the treasure game; roll a dice, can you put the number of objects that matches the number on your dice into your egg box/ice cube tray? Can you be the first to fill/empty your container? 
You have to roll the exact amount on your final turn!

KS1 and 2: Magic Box

Can you fill this grid with the numbers 1-9 so that each row, column and diagonal has the same total? 
You can only use each digit once!


Challenge 12 – Quiet Time (1.4.2020)

David Walliams is releasing a FREE audio story every day for 30 days. It might help to get kids to quieten down and listen to a story whilst you get a few jobs done or just grab a cuppa in peace 😊

Challenge 11 – STEM Challenges (31.3.2020)

Choice a) Newspaper Tower

Using newspaper and sellotape ONLY, what is the tallest tower that you can create?
The tower must be free standing!

Choice b) Bin Bag Creations

Using a maximum of 2 binbags, what can you create from it?

Choice c) Lego and Duplo Playtime


Whilst you are playing with the Lego Bricks

Maths Challenge – Key Stage 1 and 2 – Lego symmetry?

Create a lego masterpiece with a line of symmetry

Years 1 and 2 – can your masterpiece have 1 line of symmetry?

Years 3 and 4 – can your masterpiece have 2 or more lines of symmetry?

If you don’t have lego can you draw a fabulous picture with one or more lines of symmetry? What shapes will you use? Which colours?

Share your pictures vis Twitter, add to your scrapbooks or post of the Archibald 2019-20 group.

Challenge 10 – Diary (30.3.2020)

EYFS – draw a picture and write about something that has happened in week 1 away from school.

KS1 – Create a log book of your daily activities from last week and add those from week 2.

KS2 – Write a weekly diary account for every week we are away from school.

Challenge 9 – Family Fun Time!!! (29.3.2020)
TWO challenges for today:

Assault Course – combination of all skills
Prepare a course in your garden that has a section to balance, skip, hop, gallop, jump and turn. Can you show leadership and teach it to your family? Time how quickly each person can do the course.
Can they beat their Personal Best each time?

Wash the Car Together
Which member of the family can stay the driest (or get the wettest)? Get out a good old fashioned bucket full of water and bubbles with a sponge to scrub the muck away before being let loose with the hosepipe!

Eco-Friendly Car Washing: By Hand or at the Car Wash?

Challenges 7 and 8Random act of Kindness (27.3.2020 and 28.3.2020)

Write a postcard or a letter to someone to say hello. You can let them know about your day and send a message of happiness and care.
With a grown up, pop this through the door of someone who lives alone or drop it through the door of a care home.

Challenge 6 – Eat a Rainbow (26.03.2020)

Most of us are displaying rainbows in our windows right now but have you been eating a rainbow each day?

Make a list of the fruit and vegetables you have been eating, have you reached your 5 a day? Which colours of the rainbow are missing?

Which foods could you add to your plate to include the missing colours?

Oops – it was a little busy yesterday…Here are challenges 5 and 6 (24.3.2020 and 25.3.2020)

Challenge 5 – Numbertime (25.3.2020)

Years 2-4: Use Timestables Rockstars for 15-20 minutes.
Mrs Nisbet is hoping to set more competitions up. How quickly can you answer the questions – can you get your board all green?

Year 1: How many different ways can you make 20 using a variety of objects? (4 + 6 + 2 + 8 or 10 + 10)

EYFS: Size ordering – fruit in the fruit bowl, shoes on the shoe rack, coats, etc

Challenge 4 – A Family Tree (24.3.2020)

Create a family timeline as far as you can go. For younger children, draw a tree and pop your family members on a branch or create an art gallery of your family members.

KS2: How many generations are there?
All: How many people do you know now?
Bonus: Has anything about your family surprised you?

Challenge 3 – Reading Den (23.3.2020)

Make a den somewhere in the house or garden then climb in and read
We would love to see pictures of your dens and hear about what you are reading.

Challenge 2 – Rainbows (22.3.2020)

Make a rainbow and display it in your window to make everyone smile. Let’s decorate Gosforth #GSTrainbows #cheerfulrainbows

Challenge 1 – Signpost-challenge (20.3.2020)

If you had a signpost pointing towards your school, what 5 symbols would you choose?
Design a new signpost to point towards Archibald First School. Can you tell us what the symbols mean?