Key Policies

These are some of current policies which you might find useful. Copies of these and other policies can be obtained on request by contacting Mrs Bayes.


AFS Accessibility Plan

AFS Admission Policy 2016-17

AFS Admission Policy 2017-18

AFS Admission Policy 2018-19

AFS Anti-Bullying and Discipline Policy

AFS Attendance and Punctuality Policy

AFS Behaviour Policy

AFS Calculation Policy

AFS Charging and Remissions Policy

AFS Child Protection – Designated Persons in School (2016)

AFS Communications Policy

AFS Complaints Procedure

AFS Creative Curriculum Policy

AFS Data Protection Policy

AFS Drugs Education Policy

AFS Equality, Race, Diversity, Community Cohesion Policy Statement

AFS Guidance on Authorising Absence

AFS Holidays in term time

AFS Home School Agreement 2016-2017

AFS Parents’ Summary of First Aid and Medicines (Prescribed medicines to be given to children should be in their original packaging with the child’s named prescription label attached)

AFS Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2016-17

AFS SEN Offer May 2017

AFS SEND Policy 2017

AFS Sex Education Policy

AFS Supporting Children with Medical Conditions

AFS Teaching and Learning Policy

AFS Uniform Policy



Further information on School Attendance and Holidays in term time can be found on the Newcastle City Council’s Schools web page ‘Attendance’.